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DAWN Flexibility Proves the Right Fit for Kettering University Researcher
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“DAWN has just the right level capabilities for my needs.”Dr. Craig Hoff, Professor of Mechanical Engineering, Kettering University

When Kettering University Mechanical Engineering Professor Dr. Craig Hoff was looking for an in-vehicle data acquisition solution to use in an upcoming project, a chance meeting led him to DAWN. “I met HEM Data at a trade show and was impressed. The DAWN system had just the right capability. Not too much, and not too little.”

Hoff manages a fuel economy evaluation project utilizing a fleet of Ford Escape Hybrids converted to run on hydrogen. Ten vehicles are scattered across the country – five in Michigan, two each in Georgia and Hawaii, and one in California. DAWN collects data from the vehicles’ CAN buses and pressure and temperature sensors, downloading the information to Kettering’s file servers via cellular modem.

DAWN has been installed in the project for about one year. Hoff said the bottom line value of the project’s relationship with HEM Data does not stop with hardware and software. “I was getting expertise, not just the system. HEM Data did a lot of work to make sure that the system worked as the company said it would,” Hoff said. “Finally – and this is key – the company had access to Ford’s Service database, which was essential to the project. No one else offered this. HEM Data was able to customize the data acquisition system using the Ford Service data base, so that I could easily get the information that I needed from the vehicles’ CAN bus.”

Hoff said the flexibility and customizable nature of DAWN makes it a perfect fit for his project. “DAWN has just the right level capabilities for my needs. I’m not purchasing more or less capabilities than I need for to complete my project.”

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