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DAWN Acquires Fleet Test Data for Leading Spark Plug Supplier
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“We were looking for a company who would grow their product to meet our expanding testing needs. HEM Data has done that with DAWN.” – Craig Tibbets, General Manager Tech Center, NGK Spark Plugs

NGK Spark Plugs, a leading OEM and aftermarket supplier, relies on the DAWN in-vehicle network, data acquisition and analysis system to collect field data. “When we’re trying to capture a certain event or trouble code, we use the DAWN software to collect data on the vehicle. We use DAWN software as a vehicle logger,” said Test Engineer Rodney Schook. “It’s a hands-off device so there’s no PC needed. So we’ll install the DAWN software and hardware in vehicles, and we’ll log test data with our fleet vehicles on the road.”

Schook said the biggest advantage of DAWN for NGK’s applications is its adaptability. “We’re able to use it on multiple different vehicles,” he said. “We’re able to use it on Ford, Chrysler, GM, Toyota, Honda – pretty much any vehicle maker. We’re able to use the same software and hardware interface, and that way we don’t have to purchase several different scan tools. It also saves me money and time, since I don’t have to learn how to use several different scan tools.”

DAWN’s ability to capture data directly from the vehicle while logging sensor data separate from the vehicle is a favorite feature of Schook’s. “I can log them together with the same time axis, which makes my job a lot easier to post-process the data, since the data is synchronized.”

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