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DAWN Offers Dependable Convenience for Fleet Testing Program
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“The DAWN systems have been very reliable while testing our fleet of hybrid vehicles for DOE.” – Garrett Beauregard, Vice President of Engineering, eTec

Electric Transportation Engineering Corporation (eTec) is a leader in R&D and testing of advanced transportation and energy systems. The Phoenix, Arizona-based company operates a demonstration fleet of hybrid and plug-in hybrid electric vehicles for use by the U.S. Department of Energy, and DAWN has been there every step of the way.

The fleet is part of a mileage accumulation program monitoring fuel economy, energy consumption, and operating costs over a period of 160,000 miles. DAWN allows eTec’s operators to log data from the vehicles and combine digital and analog data. “The DAWN systems have been very reliable, both from a software and a hardware standpoint,” said eTec Vice President of Engineering Garrett Beauregard.

DAWN offers convenience as well. Fleet vehicles can be monitored unattended, and anytime they’re on, DAWN is running and capturing files. eTec operators simply download the data once a month. For Beauregard, HEM Data’s technical support capabilities are also a plus. “I’m able to work with someone who understands the systems, who understands both the technical and vehicle aspects of it, and is willing to work with our unusual applications and help us find a solution.”

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