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DAWN Logger Makes Military Vehicles Safer to Drive
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“I was able to get the system running quickly even though I was inexperienced with OBD.” – Jesse Stanley, Technician, U.S. Army Corp of Engineers

Over the last 25 years, accidental deaths by motor vehicles in the U.S. military have outnumbered combat fatalities three to one. The US Army Corp of Engineers at CRREL and Vehicle Control Training LLC, in collaboration with Ford Motor Company, aim to minimize fatal military vehicle accidents by researching the interactions between loose-surface terrain, tires, and vehicle dynamics, and developing a simulator to better train military drivers. This project will also help improve autonomous vehicle control, tele-operation of vehicles, and active safety systems.

Test data for the program is acquired through DAWN data loggers. “The key features we were looking for were to find a logger with compact size, that will acquire data from both cars and heavy duty trucks, and acquire a variety of data including in-vehicle network, analog, GPS, and sensor data on a second CAN channel without a PC in the vehicle,” said Army Corp of Engineers Technician Jesse Stanley. Ethernet connectivity is also important, since testing is done in a restricted area. DAWN’s capabilities allow data to be transmitted wirelessly to the project’s base station, with the vehicle as part of the intranet. “HEM Data has been very helpful in our efforts to acquire the data we need,” said Vehicle Control Training Director Greg McKinney.

The project utilizes the DAWN Logger to first acquire numerous parameters from the in-vehicle network, followed by data from the second CAN channel/port that was used to collect vehicle dynamics and GPS data. Whatever parameters are unavailable through those procedures are then measured with user-installed sensors and the 16 A/D channels available on the DAWN Logger. “I was able to get the system running quickly even though I was inexperienced with OBD.” said Stanley. “HEM Data was very responsive to our needs.”

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