Data Acquisition and Analysis Solutions

J1939 Mini Logger™

Conveniently fits directly on the J1939 heavy duty connector to acquire CAN data.

DAWN PC Software™

Software suite with features including configuration, display and analysis.

DAWN™ Dashboard

A custom website that automatically processes, analyzes and displays data.

OBD Mini Logger™

Conveniently fits directly on the J1962 OBD connector to acquire OBD-II data including CAN.

DAWN Dashboard

DAWN Telematics™

GPS and WiFi options are housed within the Mini Logger. A modem is a third option.

DAWN™ Stream

Real-time data solution with a PC, iPhone or iPad.

Mini ADAQ™

4 to 20 channel data logger with signal conditioning to acquire data directly from sensors.


HEM Data conducts seminars for the Society of Automotive Engineers and other consulting services.

Enhanced Databases

EOBD databases extend the number of avaiable paramters on a vehicle.