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DawnPlot™ is HEM Data’s tool for plotting data files converted in DawnEdit. After converting binary files in DawnEdit, launch DawnPlot to plot the CSV files.

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Ease of Use

Open any CSV file created by DawnEdit to instantly plot the data. The first four parameters are plotted on the first page. Create an unlimited number of plot pages with any combination of parameters on each page.


Other DawnPlot features include cursors, drag zooming, multiple y-axis overplots and histograms. When using histograms, DawnPlot automatically determines the value ranges and plots the counts at nice round intervals.

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Real-time data

DawnPlot is capable of plotting scaled parameters in real-time. Once the logger is installed and the PC is connected to the logger Access Point, DawnPlot connects to the logger. At the end of the test, the CSV file can be saved for further analysis.


More Hybrid Test Data

For more about DAWN and hybrid test data see this page.

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