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Real-time DAWN Stream

DAWN Stream is HEM Data’s solution for taking real-time data from a car or truck. Both the OBD and J1939 DAWN Mini Loggers can be configured to stream real-time data.


J1939 Mini Streamer™

DAWN Stream handles the high speed data of light-duty CAN and heavy-duty J1939. DAWN Stream uses WiFi to send real-time data from the vehicle. DAWN stream works for PC, iPhone, and iPad.


Both DawnPlot and DAWN MessageMonitor work with real-time data.

  • Use DawnPlot to plot engineering values in real-time on a PC or iPhone/iPad.
  • Use DAWN MessageMonitor to monitor network traffic in real-time with a PC or iPhone/iPad.

DawnPlot and MessageMonitor are both available for iPhone/iPad. Also, HEM Data creates custom applications.


Custom DawnPlot iPad App

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