HEM Data Products

Chevy Volt

The following parameters are available on the Chevy Volt through HEM Data:

# of fail emission mis tsts out of last 16
# of failed catlyst misfire tests out of last 16
1-4 upshift skip shift solenoid ctrlcircuit
14V Current A
14V Current V
14V Power Loss W
A/C Compessor Speed
a/c compressor clutch relay ctrl circuit
A/C During Charge KW
a/c pressure a/d (volts) Volts
abnormal/misfire test ratio
accel pedal position 1 sensor
Accelerator Pedal Position 1 %
Accessory Compressor Power kW
Accessory Power Module Voltage V
Air Flow Rate from Mass Air Flow Sensor g/s
air pump relay cintrol circuit
air solenoid relay ctrl circuit
alternator f-terminal a/d (%) Percent
Ambient Air Temperature Deg C
average knock retard degrees dwkr Degrees
barometric pressure kPa
Battery Charger Input Currrent A
Battery Charger Input Voltage V
blm cell
brake booster vacuum Volts
Brake position/status
calculated airflow Grams/Second
calculated load value Percent
cam engine speed activity Counts
canister purge duty cycle
case attempts to learn Degrees F
case diagnostic learning status
Catalyst Temperature Bnk1 Sen1 Degrees F
Catalyst Temperature Bnk2 Sen1 Degrees F
Charger Coupler Proximity V
coolant temp atstart degc tmst u Degrees C
cooling fan control status
cruise ctrl disengage history info1
delivered engine torque Nm
delivered torque eng. to trans input
Drive Motor 1 Currernt A
Drive Motor 1 Inverter Supply Voltage V
Drive Motor 2 Currernt A
Drive Motor 2 Inverter Supply Voltage V
ect (engine coolant temperature) Degrees C
egr duty cycle Percent
eng cooling fan relay 1 ctrl circuit
eng cooling fan relay 2 ctrl circuit
eng oil temp Degrees C
engine oil pressure Volts
engine run time
engine run time seconds tnsel w Seconds
Engine Speed RPM
epsd engine speed cam RPM
epsd engine speed med res RPM
equivalence ratio
etc indicated throttle position % wdkba Percent
etc pedal position sen1 raw volts upwg1 Volts
etc pedal position sen2 displacement Percent
etc pedal position sen2 raw volts upwg2 Volts
etc throttle position sen1 displacement Percent
etc throttle position sen1 raw volts udkp1 u Volts
etc throttle position sen2 displacement Percent
etc throttle position sen2 raw volts udkp2 u Volts
evap canister vent solenoid valve cointrol cirt
evap purge solenoid valve ctrl circuit
evap serv bay test abort reason
fan speed
fuel level volume (%) %
fuel level volume (liters) L
fuel pressure kPa
Fuel Tank Pressure psi
fuel tank rated capacity liter L
HV Battery Pack Current A
HV Battery Pack Voltage V
HV Battery Temp – Max C
HV Battery Temp – Min C
HV During Charge KW
Hybrid Battery Colant Temp C
Hybrid Battery Discharge Current A
Ignition Timing Advance for #1 Cylinder
ignition voltage Volts
injector pwm bank 1 Milliseconds
injector pwm bank 2 Milliseconds
Instantaneous Fuel Consumption L/h
intake air temperature Degrees C
intake manifold absolute pressure kPa
kilometers since last code clear sbetrcl w Km
long term fuel trim bank 1
long term fuel trim bank 2
LV During Charge KW
o2 sen volts-bnk2 sen2 uushk2u Volts
o2 sensor volts bank 1 sensor 2 Volts
o2 sensor volts-bank1 sensor1 Volts
o2 sensor volts-bank2 sensor1 Volts
percent pedal rotation % wped Percent
previous reference period Milliseconds
Regen Braking Axle Torque (Estimated) ft-lbs
Regen Braking Axle Torque Request
short term fuel trim bank 1
State of Charge %
System Power Mode
throttle position Percent
Total BrakeTorque
transmission oil temp Degrees C
transmission output speed RPM
vehicle speed (km/h) (vfzg u) Km/h

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