HEM Data Products

DAWN Products

DAWN is an outstanding in-vehicle network data acquisition solution.

J1939 Mini Logger™
Conveniently fits directly on the J1939 heavy duty connector to acquire CAN data.

OBD Mini Logger™
Conveniently fits directly on the J1962 OBD connector to acquire OBD-II data including CAN.

DAWN Telematics™
GPS and WiFi options are housed within the Mini Logger. A modem is a third option.

DAWN™ Software
Database editor to configure Mini Loggers and decode CAN and J1939 Data. Sample databases included.

ADAQ Input Module™
Eight channel data logger with signal conditioning to acquire data directly from sensors.

DAWN Dashboard™
A custom website that analyzes and queries data stored in a database then displays the results.


J1939 Mini Logger™ OBD Mini Logger™ DAWN Telematics™ DAWN™ Software ADAQ Mini™ DAWN Dashboard™