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DAWN Software

There are three PC software options. We also provide online solutions and real-time data on iPhone, iPad, and Android devices.

Watch the DAWN Mini-Logger Video


Database editor to configure Mini Loggers and decode OBD, CAN and J1939 Data. Sample databases included.


Plots data files converted in DawnEdit or in real-time. Multiple display pages, zooming, and overlay options.


Displays, sorts, and filters in-vehicle network messages.


Purpose / Feature DawnEdit™ DawnPlot™ Message Monitor™
Configure Logger ***
Convert Messages to Scaled Parameters *** **
Reverse Engineer Messages * ***
Display Messages – Post Process * ***
Display Messages – Real-time ***
Filter/Sort Messages * ***
Plotting – Post Process *** *
Plotting – Real-time *** *

*** Best solution          * Has capability          – Not Applicable

DAWN™ (Data Acquisition With In-Vehicle Networks) is HEM Data’s in-vehicle network data acquisition and analysis software and hardware solution to acquire data from cars, light, medium, and heavy duty trucks, and off-road vehicles.
Watch the DAWN Mini-Logger Video

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