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Hybrid Vehicle Testing: Prius Test Data

DAWN customers are using the CAN bus for hybrid electric vehicle (HEV) testing for virtually all hybrid vehicles including the Toyota Prius, Camry, Honda Civic, Ford Escape and various hybrid trucks. Hybrid testing includes plug-in hybrids (PHEVs), hydraulic hybrids, and hydrogen hybrid vehicles.

Since HEVs incorporate new technology and have a need for greater in-vehicle network capabilities, they have been the leaders in utilizing the CAN bus. HEM Data uses a Prius as one of our test vehicles for the development of DAWN.

Below are representative data that you can acquire with the CAN bus on hybrids. Many users of DAWN are testing hybrid vehicles including the Department of Energy (NREL + INL), US Army, State of Vermont, and Cork Institute of Technology.

Notice how motor torque (green) is proportional to regen braking (dark blue).
Generator speed (orange) generally corresponds to engine RPM (yellow).

Important hybrid parameters include:

  • State of Charge
  • Motor and Generator Speed
  • Motor and Generator Torque
  • Regenerative Brake Torque
  • Vehicle Speed
  • Target and Actual Engine Speed
  • Power Resource
  • Current and Voltage

DawnPlot provides several display options for hybrid data including the ability to overplot with multiple axes. Unlimited plots could be on one Display page and unlimited Display Pages.

You can also plot data as histograms.

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