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The DAWN Mini Logger family consists of compact, low-cost, data loggers to acquire OBD & CAN bus data from cars and trucks. GPS data is an option. Another logger acquires a variety of inputs if you need to add your own sensors. Their small size means easy installation for in-vehicle testing and other field testing applications. Connectivity options include USB, Wi-Fi, cellular and Bluetooth. Units work by themselves or together.

Meet the Family

The Mini Logger Family consists of the following devices:

  • J1939 Mini Logger (Heavy Duty CAN/J1939 and J1708/J1587*)
  • OBD Mini Logger (Automotive OBD Protocols + CAN)
  • ADAQ Mini Logger (Analog voltages, currents, thermocouples, and counter/timers*)
  • Modem/GPS Logger (cellular modem, GPS, real-time geofencing option)
  • GPS Mini (GPS unit if a modem is not required)

Having separate units allows you to buy what you need and to position the units in their ideal locations. For example, the ADAQ unit can be in the engine compartment or on the chassis, while the other units are inside the vehicle.

Wireless Options

These units are used separately or together. The units communicate wirelessly so one unit can store all of the data and transfer the data to the server. Wireless options include:

  • Wi-Fi (when vehicles return regularly to specific locations)
  • Cellular (for real-time updates and for vehicles not returning to specific locations)
  • Bluetooth (communicate in real-time with other devices, such as a smart phone, display or PC)
  • ZigBee – (future enhancement, alternative to Bluetooth)
  • Proprietary Radio (lower cost and higher performance for inter-unit communications)

Data Storage

Depending on whether the user wants easy access to the 2 GB Micro SD card or not, this will define which unit should store the data. The Micro SD card is readily accessible on the OBD and J1939 Mini Loggers. The Micro SD card is hidden within the ADAQ and Modem/GPS Logger.

DAWN Hardware Specs

Please view the specific hardware page for specifications.

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