HEM Data Products

Plug-In Prius

The following parameters are available on the Plug-in Prius through HEM Data:

+BM Voltage
2nd Air Monitor
2nd Air Monitor CMPL
2nd Air Monitor ENA
A/C Consumption Pwr
A/C Monitor
A/C Monitor CMPL
A/C Monitor ENA
A/F Heater Duty #1
A/F Learn Value High #1
A/F Learn Value Idle #1
A/F Learn Value Low #1
A/F Learn Value Mid1 #1
A/F Learn Value Mid2 #1
A/F Sensor Determination (worst value) #1
A/F Test Results #1
Accel Pedal Pos #1
Accel Pedal Pos #2
Accel Sensor Main
Accel Sensor Out No.1
Accel Sensor Out No.2
Accelerator & Brake Depress-Last Operation
Accelerator & Brake Depress-Last Trip
Accelerator & Brake Depress-Op before Last
Accelerator & Brake Depress-Trip before Last
Accelerator Degree
Accelerator Info for DSS
Actual Engine Torque
Actual VVT Angle #1
Actuator Power Supply
AF Lambda B1S1
AFS Current B1S1
AFS Voltage B1S1
Aircon Gate Status
Aircon Request
All Cylinders Misfire Count
Ambient Temperature
Atmosphere Pressure
Auxiliary Batt Temperature
Auxiliary Batt Voltage
Auxiliary Battery Low-Last Operation
Auxiliary Battery Low-Last Trip
Auxiliary Battery Low-Operation before Last
Auxiliary Battery Low-Trip before Last
Auxiliary Battery Vol
Av Engine Speed of All Cyl
Back Up Lamp Relay
Bat No.1 Sens No.2 Cur Val
Bat1 Pwr Resourc IB Sens2
Batt Block Max Vol
Batt Block Minimum Vol
Batt Pack Current Val
Battery Block Num
Battery Block Vol -V01

Battery Block Vol -V08
Battery Low Time
Battery too High Time
Battery Voltage
Boost Ratio
Calculate Load
Catalyst Monitor
Catalyst Monitor CMPL
Catalyst Monitor ENA
Catalyst Temp B1S1
Catalyst Temp B1S2
Cell Discharge High
Cell Discharge Low
Cell High Voltage(LV1)
Cell High Voltage(LV2)
Cell Low Voltage(LV1)
Charge Control Value
Charge Start Signal
Check Mode
Clock Type
Closed Throttle Position SW
Cnv Temp (Lower)
Cnv Tmp (Upper)
Collision Signal (Airbag)
Communication with Brake
Communication with HV
Complete Parts Monitor
Component Monitor CMPL
Component Monitor ENA
Conv Shutdown
Converter Carrier Freq
Converter Fail
Converter Gate Status
Converter Heating-Last Operation
Converter Heating-Last Trip
Converter Heating-Operation before Last
Converter Heating-Trip before Last
Converter temp
Converter Temp Max
Conv-Tmp after IG-ON
Coolant Heating-Last Operation
Coolant Heating-Last Trip
Coolant Heating-Operation before Last
Coolant Heating-Trip before Last
Coolant Temp
Cooling Fan 0
Cooling Fan 1
Cooling Fan Mode1
Cooling Fan Mode2
Cooling Fan Relay
Crank Position
Cruise Control
Cylinder #1 Misfire Count
Cylinder #2 Misfire Count
Cylinder #3 Misfire Count
Cylinder #4 Misfire Count
Cylinder Number
DC Inhibit Time
DC/DC Cnv Temp (Lower)
DC/DC Cnv Temp (Upper)
DC/DC Converter temp
DCDC Cnv Tar Pulse Duty
Delta SOC
Detail Code 1
Detail Code 2
Detail Code 3
Detail Code 4
Detail Code 5
Discharge Control Value
Dist Batt Cable Disconnect
Distance from DTC Cleared
Drive Condition ID
DTC Clear Min
DTC Clear Run Distance
DTC Clear Warm Up
ECO Mode
ECU Code
ECU Control Mode
EGR Step Position
EGR/VVT Monitor
Elec Water Pump Spd
Elec Water Pump Target Spd
Electric Fan Motor
Emergency Shutdown
Engine Coolant Temp
Engine Fuel Cut
Engine Idling Request
Engine Independent
Engine Independent Control
Engine Rev (Sensor)
Engine Revolution
Engine Run Time
Engine Spd
Engine Speed
Engine Speed Fluctuation Avg (worst value) #1
Engine Speed Fluctuation Avg (worst value) #2
Engine Speed Fluctuation Avg (worst value) #3
Engine Speed Fluctuation Avg (worst value) #4
Engine Speed of Cyl #1
Engine Speed of Cyl #2
Engine Speed of Cyl #3
Engine Speed of Cyl #4
Engine Stop Request
Engine Type
Engine Warming Up Rqst
EV Request
EV Switch
EVAP (Purge) VSV
EVAP Monitor
EVAP Monitor ENA
Evap Purge Flow
EVAP System Vent Valve
EVAP Vapor Pressure (Wide)
F/C for Engine Stop Req
Fuel Cut Condition
Fuel Filler Opener
Fuel Level
Fuel Lid
Fuel Lid Switch
Fuel Pump/Speed Status
Fuel System Monitor
Fuel System Monitor CMPL
Fuel System Monitor ENA
Fuel System Status #1
Fuel System Status #2
Fuel Vapor-Containment Valve
G(MG1) Trq Exec Val
Generate Torque
Generator Temp
Generator(MG1) Rev
Generator(MG1) Torq
Gradient of Road Surface
Heated Cat Monitor CMPL
Heated Cat Monitor ENA
Heated Catalyst Monitor
Heater Monitor CMPL
Heater Monitor ENA
Hot Temperature Time
HV Coolant Temperature
HV ECU Intermittent Problems-Last Operation
HV ECU Intermittent Problems-Last Trip
HV ECU Intermittent Problems-Op before last
HV ECU Intermittent Problems-Trip before Last
HV Start Condition
HV Target Engine Speed
Idle Fuel Cut
IG OFF Elapsed Time
IGN Advance
Ignition Trig. Count
IG-ON Elapsed Time
IG-ON Elapsed Time for Independent
Immobiliser Communication
Inhaling Air Temp
Initial Engine Coolant Temp
Initial Intake Air Temp
Injection Volum (Cylinder1)
Injector (Port)
Intake Air
Intake Air Temperature
Inter Lock Switch
Internal Resistance R01

Internal Resistance R08
Internal Shift Position
Inverter Coolant Water Temperature
Inverter Temp (MG1)
Inverter Temp (MG2)
Inverter Temp-(MG1)
Inverter Temp-(MG2)
Inverter W/P Revolution
Inv-T (MG1) aftr IG-ON
Inv-T (MG2) aftr IG-ON
Inv-Temp (MG1) Max
Inv-Temp (MG2) Max
IPA Control Signal
IPA Creep up Rate
ISC Learning
ISC Learning Value
Judge Time Engine Ignition
Judge Time Engine Output
Key Cycle
Knock Correct Learn Value
Knock Feedback Value
Long FT #1
M(MG2) Trq Exec Val
Main Batt Charging Rqst
Main Battery Low Voltage-Last Operation
Main Battery Low Voltage-Last Trip
Main Battery Low Voltage-Operation before Last
Main Battery Low Voltage-Trip before Last
Master Cylinder Ctrl Trq
Max Battery Block No
MG1 Carrier Frequency
MG1 Control Mode
MG1 Gate Status
MG1 Inverter Fail
MG1 Inverter Shutdown
MG1 Temperature High-Last Operation
MG1 Temperature High-Last Trip
MG1 Temperature High-Operation before Last
MG1 Temperature High-Trip before Last
MG1(Gener) Inverter Temp High-Op before Last
MG1(Gener) Inverter Temp High-Trip before Last
MG1(Generator) Inverter Temp High-Last Trip
MG1(Generator) Inverter Temperature High-Last Op
MG2 Carrier Frequency
MG2 Control Mode
MG2 Gate Status
MG2 Inverter Fail
MG2 Inverter Shutdown
MG2 Temperature High-Last Operation
MG2 Temperature High-Last Trip
MG2 Temperature High-Operation before Last
MG2 Temperature High-Trip before Last
MG2(Motor) Inverter Temp High-Op before Last
MG2(Motor) Inverter Temp High-Trip before Last
MG2(Motor) Inverter Temperature High-Last Op
MG2(Motor) Inverter Temperature High-Last Trip
MIL on Engine Run Time
MIL ON Run Distance
MIL Status
Minimum Batt Block No
Misfire Load
Misfire Margin
Misfire Monitor
Misfire Monitor CMPL
Misfire Monitor ENA
Misfire RPM
Misfire Test Result
Model Code
Model Year
Motor Temp
Motor Temp No1
Motor Temp No2
Motor(MG2) Revolution
Motor(MG2) Torq
Mtr-T (MG1) aftr IG-ON
Mtr-T (MG2) aftr IG-ON
Mtr-Temp (MG1) Max
Mtr-Temp (MG2) Max
N Range Control by Busy Shift-Last Operation
N Range Control by Busy Shift-Last Trip
N Range Control by Busy Shift-Op before Last
N Range Control by Busy Shift-Trip before Last
Normal Signal for A/B ECU
Number of Emission DTC
O2 Heater B1S2
O2 Heater Curr Val B1S2
O2S B1S2
O2S Impedance B1S2
O2S(A/FS) Heater Monitor
O2S(A/FS) Monitor
O2S(A/FS) Monitor CMPL
O2S(A/FS) Monitor ENA
OBD Requirements
Occurrence Order
On-Board Charger Activate Permission
Operator Override
Overvoltage Input to Conv
Overvoltage Input to Inv
OXS1 Test Result
P Pos SW Terminal Vol
P Request (T/M Ctrl)
P Rq Malfunction (T/M Ctrl)
Pattern Switch (PWR/M)
Permit Start by Immobiliser
Power Resource IB
Power Resource VB
Power Supply Sensor Voltage
Prevention Control of Staying-Last Operation
Prevention Control of Staying-Last Trip
Prevention Control of Staying-Op before Last
Prevention Control of Staying-Trip before Last
Primary DF Rqst on CCS
Prohibit Charge for P Pos
Prohibit DC/DC conv sig
Purge Cut VSV Duty
Purge Density Learn Value
Racing Operation
Ready Signal
Regenerative Brake Torq
Request Engine Run Time
Request Power
Request Warm-up
Requested Engine Torque
Resistor Over Heat-Last Operation
Resistor Over Heat-Last Trip
Resistor Over Heat-Operation before Last
Resistor Over Heat-Trip before Last
Rqst Regen Brake Torq
Running Time from MIL ON
Safing Signal (Airbag)
Shift Backward Direction-Last Operation
Shift Backward Direction-Last Trip
Shift Backward Direction-Operation before Last
Shift Backward Direction-Trip before Last
Shift Before Ready-Last Operation
Shift Before Ready-Last Trip
Shift Before Ready-Operation before Last
Shift Before Ready-Trip before Last
Shift P in Running-Last Operation
Shift P in Running-Last Trip
Shift P in Running-Operation before Last
Shift P in Running-Trip before Last
Shift P Permission Signal
Shift Pos Status (T/M Ctrl)
Shift R or D during Ready OFF-Last Operation
Shift R or D during Ready OFF-Last Trip
Shift R or D during Ready OFF-Op before Last
Shift R or D during Ready OFF-Trip before Last
Shift Sensor Main
Shift Sensor Select Main
Shift Sensor Select Sub
Shift Sensor Shift Pos
Shift Sensor Sub
Shift without Depressing Brake-Last Operation
Shift without Depressing Brake-Last Trip
Shift without Depressing Brake-Op before Last
Shift without Depressing Brake-Trip before Latest
Short FT #1
Short Wave Highest Val
SMRB Control Status
SMRB Status
SMRG Control Status
SMRG Status
SMRP Control Status
SMRP Status
SOC after IG-ON
Standby Blower Request
Starter Switch
State of Charge
State of Charge (All Bat)
Status of Charge Max
Status of Charge Min
Step Accelerator in N Range-Last Operation
Step Accelerator in N Range-Last Trip
Step Accelerator in N Range-Op before Last
Step Accelerator in N Range-Trip before Last
Stop Light Switch
Stop Switch
System Guard
T/M Control ECU State
T/M ECU Pulse Consec Err
T/M ECU Pulse Single Err
Target Air-Fuel Ratio
Target EGR Position
Target Engine Rev
TC and TE1
TC Terminal
Temp of Batt TB1

Temp of Batt TB12
The Time of Ignition ON
Throttl Sensor #2 Volt %
Throttle Fully Close Learn
Throttle Idle Position
Throttle Motor Close Duty
Throttle Motor Current
Throttle Motor DUTY
Throttle Motor Duty (Close)
Throttle Motor Duty (Open)
Throttle Motor Open Duty
Throttle Position
Throttle Position Command
Throttle Position No.1
Throttle Position No.2
Throttle Require Position
Throttle Sens Open Pos #1
Throttle Sens Open Pos #2
Throttle Sensor Position
Throttle Sensor Volt %
Time after DTC Cleared
Total FT #1
Transmission Type
TRC OFF Switch
Trouble Code
Vacuum Pump
Vapor Pressure (Calculated)
Vapor Pressure Pump
Vapor Pressure Tank
Vehicle Load
Vehicle Parking (T/M Ctrl)
Vehicle Speed
Vehicle Speed(Max)
VH-Voltage after Boosting
VL-Voltage before Boosting
VMF Fan Motor Voltage1
VMF Fan Motor Voltage2
VN Turbo Type
VVT Aim Angle #1
VVT Change Angle #1
VVT Control Status #1
VVT OCV Duty #1
W/P Run Control Duty
Warmup Cycle Cleared DTC
WIN Control Power
WOUT Control Power

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