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DAWN Software

There are three PC software options. We also provide online solutions and real-time data on iPhone/iPad.

Watch the DAWN Mini-Logger Video


Database editor to configure Mini Loggers and decode CAN and J1939 Data. Sample databases included.


Plots data files converted in DawnEdit. Multiple display pages, zooming, and overlay options.


Displays, sorts, and filters in-vehicle network messages.


Purpose / Feature DawnEdit™ DawnPlot™ Message Monitor™
Configure Logger *** - -
Convert Messages to Scaled Parameters *** - **
Reverse Engineer Messages * - ***
Display Messages – Post Process * - ***
Display Messages – Real-time - - ***
Filter/Sort Messages * - ***
Plotting – Post Process - *** *
Plotting – Real-time - *** *

*** Best solution          * Has capability          – Not Applicable

DAWN™ (Data Acquisition With In-Vehicle Networks) is HEM Data’s in-vehicle network data acquisition and analysis software and hardware solution to acquire data from cars, light, medium, and heavy duty trucks, and off-road vehicles.
Watch the DAWN Mini-Logger Video

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